The FENIX Project

Tom van Nunen, project leader Mark Bentum, and Omisakin work on the wireless communication part. 3. Each team is encouraged to appoint a team leader to coordinate the work and act as spokesperson. In Jaffe’s class this past winter quarter, two teams of three students each worked on projects with the Blind Posse and the Cantor. As the data analysis for this project is quite complex, we started with a pilot project involving 13 students in my Arts One seminar group for 2013-2014, to refine our data gathering and analysis procedures in preparation for a larger study involving more Arts One students. On Friday, May 3, برای اطلاعات بخش اعظم به اینجا کلیک کنید more than 200 student presentations in SF State’s Student Life Events Center showed off the depth and breadth of projects across CoSE as part of the college’s 21st annual Student Project Showcase. I love that project and I love Elixir. I absolutely love building faceted search engines. WildlifeNearYou offered faceted search over animal sightings. MP’s expenses had faceted search across crowdsourced expense analysis. I implemented faceted search for this blog on top of PostgreSQL, and wrote about how I did it. Lanyrd was faceted search for conferences. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the sentiment seemed to be shared by so many other people who emailed me, wrote responses on their own blog and discussed it on online forums. Unlike the early days of the اینترنت that saw little distinction between the users of the اینترنت and the creators of the Internet, we could reasonably ask how much development in the domain of educational technology is being driven by teachers? A brief foray into travel writing: Natalie and I spent a few days staying in a small castle on the delightful island of Lundy off the coast of North Devon, and I used it as an opportunity to enthuse about letterboxing and the Landmark Trust. It was an opportunity to devote myself full-time to working on my growing collection of open source tools for data journalism, این لینک centered around Datasette. Datasette was inspired by the Guardian Datablog, combined with my realization that Zeit Now (today called Vercel) meant you could bundle data up in a SQLite database and deploy it as part of an exploratory application almost for free.

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